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It's summertime and this means it's time for another smmrmixtape!

This mixtape is about surfing. It's about the feeling when you're out there at the point-break, alone, waiting for the perfect wave, paddling, watching how they're coming, paddling more, standing up & enjoying the moment!

This mix is not like the "classic surfmusic" you expect, it's more a newer art of surfmusic i'd tried to compile. There are a few genres which I think can represent this new surfmusic, like lo-fi, psychedelic, and this new hype-genre "chill-wave". But there are also some songs which are just about the theme surfing and don't have something similar with this genres.

So no Beach Boys, Hawaiian Music or sound like that (except for the last track), more fresh, good surftunes! Just let the magic of this "new" surfmusic touch you!

01 Uzi & Ari - Mountain/Molehill
02 Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis - Dive
03 Surf Punks - Locals Only
04 Air - Surfing On A Rocket (Joakim To The Smiling Sun Remix)
05 Surfer Blood - Neighbour Riffs
06 The Drums- Let's Go Surfing
07 The Go-Betweens - Surfing Magazines
08 Coconut Records - West Coast
09 Surf City - Headin' Inside
10 The Crafmen Club - To The Surface
11 The Drums - Submarine
12 Toro Y Moi - 109
13 Surf City - Records of a Flagpole Skater
14 Wavves - Surf Goths
15 Superchunk - Learned to Surf (Acoustic Demo)
16 Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss
17 BLK JKS - Paradise
18 Astrolabe - Atlantic Surf
19 Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel
20 Neon Indian - Deatbeat Summer
21 The Tornadoes - Bustin'Surfboards

heard some of you had some problems with the dwnload link here's an alt. link on mediafire

I'm Back and I'll bring you a new fresh mixtape about what you shouldn't miss in 2010!

So, I compiled a mix out of Bands who'll publish a new album in 2k10 and which you should better not miss! There are a few Bands who have already published their new album this January or earlier.

I'd better don't talk too much, here's the playlist!

01 Manchester Orchestra - I Can Barely Breathe (from the album I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child)
02 Hot Chip - Hand Me Down Your Love (from the album One Live Stand)
03 Surfer Blood - Swim (to reach the end) (from the album Astrocoast)
04 The Swiss - Bubble Bath (from the EP Bubble Bath)
05 Airship - Kids (from the EP)
06 Stereophonics - Innocent (from the album Keep Calm And Carry On)
07 Vampire Weekend - Cousins (from the album Contra)
08 Laura Veirs - July Flame (from the album July Flame)
09 Chapel Club - All The Eastern Girls (from the NMEMIX)
10 Spoon - Got Nuffin (from the album Transference)
11 Eels - Little Bird (from the album End Times)
12 Titus Andronicus - My Time Outside The Womb (from the album The Airing Of Grievances)
13 These New Puritans - Drum Courts-Where Corals Lie (from the album Hidden)
14 Volcano Choir- Island, IS (from the album Unmap)
15 The Beatles - Saturday Night (from the album Everyday Chemistry)
16 Get Well Soon - Angry Young Man (from the album Vexations)
17 Liars - Scissor (from the album sisterworld)
18 Adam Green - What Makes Him Act So Bad 1 (from the album Minor Love)
19 DJ Zebra - We Got The Soukouss (BEASTIE BOYS VS KANDA BONGO MAN) (Zebra version)
20 The Kleptones - Voodoo Sabotage (from the album Uptime/Downtime)

I fucking like the refrain of "I Can Barely Breathe" and those soft parts through the song. Maybe you recognized that this song is from their first album which was released in 2006, but I thought they will go big this year so I poped it on this mixtape! Also "Island, Is" from Volcano Choir was released last year but it fits perfect in this mix.

I'm a fan of Hot Chip since their last album "Made In The Dark" but their new album which will be released in February blown me away! So many good songs you shouldn't miss!

First heard a song of Surfer Blood on this NME Radar Mix 2010. Afterwards I catched their new album which has some awesome songs. All this absorbed guitartunes and those easy melodies sound ace! Definitely, a band you should watch out this year!

You should also watch out for The Swiss. A young Electronic Esemble from Australia, with this immense potential for ear-worms! "This is what the real disco should sound like!"

Another Band you shouldn't miss is Airship. A young band from Manchester, who you could compare with bands like Bombay Bicycle Club or Flashguns.

are back with this super-b album called "Keep Calm & Carry On". Like the melody of this song.

This Jungle-Indie-Hipsters Vampire Weekend are also back with their new album "Contra" which is on sale right now! So grabb your shoes and catch you one of these awesome pieces! Also check out their clip to this song!

I putted also some soft songs on it like one of the new Eels songs, which are amazing like everytime and a song of Laura Veirs a new shooting star in the indie, singer- & songwriter heaven.

Chapel Club is another band i discovered through the NME-Mixtape and they got a big potential to hit it big this year. They sound a bit like The Editors or Interpol for me, which are great bands as well!

Don't want to talk too much about Spoon, just sayin' their brillant! Here you can stream their new album!

You can also listen to the new Eels album here, Vampire Weekends "Contra" here, the weird These New Puritans Hipster album here (the drums in "Drum Courts-Where Corals Lie" are grandiose!) and Get Well Soon's amazing album here.

This mythic sound of the Liars got something fascinating that won't let you turn it off. And their new Longplayer "Sisterworld" is marvelous!

When I first read the story about a Beatles Album which was never released in our world I thought wtf?! Then I read the story on this site and was so amused that I downloaded the album over there. Grabb you a ear of this weird songs which were compiled by The Beatles in an other dimension. (German article on my other blog Turnin'Wrong)

Here are my last lines about The Kleptones new mix, you can download here. It's the first album which was released in 2010 on New Year Eve! For me, they're still the "Kings of Bootiemixes" and with this Voodoo Sabotage mash-up, mashed out of The Prodigy and The Beastie Boys they will forever be on my personal popstars killers toplist!

Now it's up to you! You want to know what you better shouldn't miss this year?!, so dwnload this mixtape or leave it.

And don't forget to support all those great artist or at least this bands you like and buy their new albums or go to shows!

Weehaa it's mixtape time!

Everybody knows it, when the DJ stops the music, all the lights go on, and those securitypeople say to you that the club has to close and you were asked to left the club. Then you're out, the sun is already risin' and the birds start to sing. But now you've got still a big homeway with your bicycle or with your feets till you're home for sleeping and you want to get down. You're putting in your headphones, search the calmest playlist, push the play button on the highest volume, because your ears are still astonied, and walk home or even more towing you home.

So heres a mix from me, with some new and vintage sound for your homewalk after the after party. I don't pledge that you'll not doze off when you make a break on a bench and this mixtape can as well be listened to drop off.

First of all here's the playlist

01 Girls - Lust For Life (from the album Girls)
02 The Unborn Chicken Voices - missing schoolgirl (from the album We don't play guitars)
03 The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (from the album The Ultimate Collection)
04 The National - Fake Empire (from the album The Boxer)
05 Alaska in Winter - Berlin (from the album Holiday)
06 Black Lips - Starting Over (from the album 200 Million Thousand)
07 Bob Marley - Roots Rock Reggae (from the album Natural Mystic)
08 Grizzly Bear - While You Wait for the Others (from the album Veckatimest)
09 Oasis - Half The World Away (from the album The Masterplan)
10 Possessed by Paul James - Committed (from the album Possessed by Paul James)
11 Bat For Lashes - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)
12 The Velvet Underground - Heroin (from the album The Velvet Undergound and Nico)
13 Michael Rose - Warrior (from the album Warrior Dub)
14 Jamie T - The Mans Machine (from the album Kings & Queens)
15 The Antlers - Two (from the album Hospice)
16 Nico - These Days (from the album Femme Fatale)
17 Sufjan Stevens - Chicago Acoustic (from the album The Avalanche)
18 Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (from the EP Wayfaring Stranger)
19 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson buriedfed (from the album Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson)
20 M83 - Midnight Souls Still Remain (from the album Saturdays = Youth)

Most time when the club is closing you got still some energy left, so dance you last crap out of you with the amazing song from the duo Girls. But don't forget as The Unborn Chikken Voices told you to go to school the following day! You may sit at the next bench for smoking your last cigarette before you beginn you homewalk by listening to The Kinks. It's still dark but the sun is slowly rising, you're grabbing your feets and start your homewalk, most time your town is the most beauty in the night or in the early mornings. Look at your town and listen in the background to The National. From time to time you get tired but Alaska in Winter is giving and it's time to "Starting Over". Then you get slower and slower and your bounzing home to the groovie beat of Bob Marley aaah yeah. "While you wait for the others" you thinking about your future, why not pack your clothes and leave this old town and go "half the world away"? However you think your "committed" to stay here like Possessed by Paul James is singing. May you could "use somebody" like you for reconsidering your plans or even come away from all those "drugs" your taking. Because every time you're in this dub-trance world as in this Michael Rose song, you can't think clearly and all is running so slow around you. Life is hard however "maybe one day things will get better". Sometimes "this new dream is more like a nightmare" as in this The Antlers track and "these days" will get better soon. So grab your acoustic guitar and write all what is depres you or sing about your town like Sufjan Stevens or give a big shit about all and care about nothing just do whatever you want. And yeah may "fuck, you wanna just to die". This could be your last mind or you sleep over a night by listening to M83's song "Midnight Soul Still Remain" till you drop off. And your last thougts before your sleeping are "Halleluja what a night!"

Now it's up to you change your homewalk with this mixtape or leave it.

So, you highkids, here you go, Round #2, the high-exclusiv "smmrmxtape"!

I tried to put all those artist together who are doing a great mixtape for this summer for me and hopefully as well for you!

Here's the playlist:

01 Phoenix - Lisztomania (from the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix)
02 Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy (from the single Into The Galaxy Remixes)
03 Ebony Bones! - The Muzik (from the album Bone Of My Bones)
04 Totom - Freight Train Control (from the mashup Dylan Mashed)
05 BLK JKS - Summertime (from the EP Mystery)
06 The Rakes - Thats The Reason (from the album Klang!)
07 Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart (from the album Dragonslayer)
08 The Dø - On My Shoulders (from the album A mouthful)
09 Crocodiles - Summer of Hate (from the album Summer of Hate)
10 Thee Vicars - Feel So Good (from the EP Holy Twist Records sampler)
11 Scanners - Lowlife (from the album Violence is Golden)
12 Forgein Born - Vacationing People (from the album Person To Person)
13 Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (from the album Only By The Night)
14 Milke - Maybe Im Crazy (from their myspace)
15 Prop Dylan & Logophobia - Can You Imagine Pt 2 (from the EP The Morning After)
16 Bombay Bicycle Club - Evening/Morning (from the album I Had The Blues But I Shook)
17 Deer Tick - Easy (from the album Born On Flag Day)
18 Fruit Bats - My Unusual Friend (from the album The Ruminant Band)
19 The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard (from the album The Seeds)
20 The Morning Benders - caroline, no (Beach Boys Cover) (via hypem)

(for this types who first want to download it, stream is under the text)

This time I want to write about every song a lil' bit different. More in a way in which situation it would be awesomeness if it would somewhere out of nothing play this song and it would comb all this shit you don't need to think about at this time out, so you could just enjoy this moment.

Some situation, in which out of nothing, this song would begin:

Dancing the crap out of you with your friends on a old house by a sunset like in this video to Phoenix's "Lisztomania".

Lying on your back on a big green grassland in a bright night, watching all those stars and closing your eyes by listening to "Into The Galaxy" by Midnight Juggernauts and taking up to the skies!

i'm affect to the cover of the newest EP-cover "Mystery" by BLK JKS. A must have for this summer, not just the cover but also the EP!

And then here it comes this carneval "ADHS-Pop" by Ebony Bones. BOOM! Doing party as long as you can to this song and those others from her Debut "Bone Of My Bones". The revolution is streamed here! This is it. The ultimative discoshit for this summer!

Want to listen to Bob Dylans older songs, in a stranger way?! Grabb the mashup "Dylan Mashed" by Totom for free here. There are some goods so check it! Above all the song "Freight Train Control" with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

One of the Reasons why you should download this smmrmxtape is the song "That's The Reason" from The Rakes. As good as hell!

When I first heard the song "Idiot Heart" from Sunset Rubdown my mind was blowed! First this guitars, afterwards another guitar and then this vocals from Spencer Krug and then this triangel whatever and then the beautiful voice of Camilla Wynn. weeya this song fits in every summer situation!

An older track "On My Shoulder" from last year, i heard all time in radio in France. Then coincidentally they played in Biarritz at Roxy Jam ASP Longboard WCS and the show was storming! So why not again driving with your rented car at the coast of Atlantic or somewhere else and listening to The Dø!

Yiha another guitar based, dark, mystic song from Crocodiles. Stereogum described them as “The Velvet Underground swinging Jesus and Mary Chain.” As well a must have album (Summer Of Hate) for this year by this great rock duo!

Got an old cabriolet at home and listening to old garage, punk bands. Then check out Thee Vicars and grabb your leather jacket, your 80's styled girlfriend/boyfriend, sit in your oldtimercar, drive some rounds and tune in some song from them!

"Lowlife" is a handsome Song from Scanners, I just checked out and enjoyed the last few days!

After a hard day at work do you a favor and listen to "Vacationing People" from Forgein Born to a beer and you'll be again ready. Dreamlike pop with deep thought lyrics in a rare way!

And then this ultimative afterparty song from Kings of Leon "Use Somebody", this last song in the morning before you're going home, and you're givin' again your best and maybe she's with you!

"Maybe I'm Crazy" is this one song, you're hearing in your head when all around is standing still. In the middle of the street, when it feels like someone is comping all shit out of your head with a big scrubber, or when you're in this one and only wave tube, the time is standing still, this calmness is overwhelming you but this song from Milke is playing just in your head!

Oh my Gosh!, this time also a lil' part of hiphop from Sweden more precisely from Prop Dylan. Enjoy this piece of rarity swedens rap.

I'm a big fan of this London Bombay Bicycle Club guys. So imagine, you would wake up with "Evening/Morning", but on your headphones still listening to this song and drivin' to work with your bike and in the evening driving again home by listening still to the song and abandon your day to this song.

Put your western shoes on and grabb your guitar, walk to your next deserted trainstation, climb on a old traincabin and play or at least listen to Deer Tick's new album "Born On Flag Day" and you're getting better!

Fruit Bats, "My Unusual Friend" got something loosy, what beat me! Maybe it's just this riff at the beginning or the soli in the middle but I adore it!

I know The Seeds since Sky Saxon died last week. And when I listened to their self-titlet album I said to me "Gosh darn it, why I didn't know them before!" Hum, but sometimes it's better to know them at least after they die as never!

And therefore, we are at the end! But no summer mixtape act sans a Beach Boys song! I decided me for this Animal Collective kind remix/cover whatever from The Morning Benders! It's queerish on the one way but on the other side it's brilliant!

Now it's again up to you and I say: watch it, check it, grabb it, stream it, like it!

I'm glad to announce the first MakeHerWet-Mixtape named as "Highkids Wear 3-D Glasses"! I tried to arrange the best newcomin' and hype bands that I'm listening too in the last few weeks on my first tiny mixtape. And I do want to write some words about every artist/song on it. So read it and support them as they please you! And grabb your red-cyan 3-D glasses and admire the wicked cover, which is a picture of David Anderson and check his flickr-3-D picturestream!

First of all here's the playlist:

01. Unbunny - In A Way (from the album Black Strawberries)
02. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around The Bend (from the album Fruits)
03. Flashguns - Locarno (from the EP Flashguns)
04. Alvin Zealot - De Jalouse (from the EP Alvin Zealot)
05. Major Lazer - Hold The Line (from the Album Guns dont kill people, lazers do)
06. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Boat (from the EP The Daytrotter)
07. Crystal Stilts - Departure (from the album Alight Of Night)
08. The Black Box Revelation - Love In Your Head (from the album Set Your Heard On Fire)
09. Sophia - There Are No Goodbyes (from the album There Are No Goodbyes)
10. Passion Pit - The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix) (from the album Manners)
11. Johnny Flynn - The Wrote And The Writ (from the album A Larum)
12. Wavves - No Hope Kids (from the album Wavvves)
13 Nersissian - Another Sun (Bad Harmonica Version) (from the demoalbum Song Sketches)

I choose Unbunny with "In A Way" as the Opener on this mixtape because when I first read about this band here and afterwards listened to the song who's for free, i was in love again, with a song. The first few lines were blowing up my mind. One of the handsomest beginnings from a song i've ever heard. And if you got some money left and want a unique copy of this album, donate some money here.

"Around The Bend" sounds a little bit like carnival in my ears. I Like those many instruments used in this song and in the other songs from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and of course the jazzy voice of the singer.

Then, one of my favour bands from UK, The Flashguns. They're from London and they're doing some great britishindierock. Great guitartunes and choruses. This is one again a band who will make it big, definitely for me!

Alvin Zealot very young and good band from lucerne in switzerland. De Jalouse got this phat guitarriff i don't bring out of my mind.

Then two of the renowned remixer Diplo and Switch band together to produce an album under the name Major Lazer. First leak of the album is this brainfucksong, with this nickers of horses, ringing of phones, this reggaesingin' and this fancy girl voice (which is santigold)!

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson was last year for me one of the greatest singer- & songwriter. With his self titlet debut he fucking overbeared me. And so he does again with his new EP "The Daytrotter"!

Crystal Stilts is an american indie-,postrockband from NYC, which sound for me a bit like Joy Division. The voice of Brad Hargett, the guitar and bass, all sounds a bit like Ian Curtis and his band. But it's good and I recommend everyone they're new album!

The Black Box Revelation got their influence maybe by The Black Motorcycleclub or even bands like Led Zeppelin and The Datsuns, but with their own signature. I very relish their newest album "Set Your Heard On Fire".

Sophia issued a great album which i heard a long time. It's not an album which you're bored to death. It's quite good, pretty lyrics and fresh guitar

Terrific debut from Passion Pit! And a well done remix from the selftitlet creator of disco Calvin Harris.

When I first heard Johnny Flynn at la blogothèque, I was totally flabbergasted. He's doing some great country-, folk-, singer-, and songwriter,-rock, which is fucking great. And thou shalt see his "concert à emporter"!

Wavves is a one-man-noisepop project from San Diegan Nathan Williams. I affect his fancy, noisy, garagerock with great choruses! I also recommend his selftitlet debut album.

And as the last song, I picked Nersissian, a singer-, and songwriter. I know it's a terrible soundquality, and it's not really a demo or even a EP. But as its called, it's just some song sketches. If you want to download the whole thing, go to radiobutt and grabb it!

So it's up to you watch it, check it, grabb it, stream it, like it!

(if you're the band or artist and don't want to be in my mixtape email me makeherwetmixtapes(at)

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