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I'm glad to announce the first MakeHerWet-Mixtape named as "Highkids Wear 3-D Glasses"! I tried to arrange the best newcomin' and hype bands that I'm listening too in the last few weeks on my first tiny mixtape. And I do want to write some words about every artist/song on it. So read it and support them as they please you! And grabb your red-cyan 3-D glasses and admire the wicked cover, which is a picture of David Anderson and check his flickr-3-D picturestream!

First of all here's the playlist:

01. Unbunny - In A Way (from the album Black Strawberries)
02. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around The Bend (from the album Fruits)
03. Flashguns - Locarno (from the EP Flashguns)
04. Alvin Zealot - De Jalouse (from the EP Alvin Zealot)
05. Major Lazer - Hold The Line (from the Album Guns dont kill people, lazers do)
06. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Boat (from the EP The Daytrotter)
07. Crystal Stilts - Departure (from the album Alight Of Night)
08. The Black Box Revelation - Love In Your Head (from the album Set Your Heard On Fire)
09. Sophia - There Are No Goodbyes (from the album There Are No Goodbyes)
10. Passion Pit - The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix) (from the album Manners)
11. Johnny Flynn - The Wrote And The Writ (from the album A Larum)
12. Wavves - No Hope Kids (from the album Wavvves)
13 Nersissian - Another Sun (Bad Harmonica Version) (from the demoalbum Song Sketches)

I choose Unbunny with "In A Way" as the Opener on this mixtape because when I first read about this band here and afterwards listened to the song who's for free, i was in love again, with a song. The first few lines were blowing up my mind. One of the handsomest beginnings from a song i've ever heard. And if you got some money left and want a unique copy of this album, donate some money here.

"Around The Bend" sounds a little bit like carnival in my ears. I Like those many instruments used in this song and in the other songs from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and of course the jazzy voice of the singer.

Then, one of my favour bands from UK, The Flashguns. They're from London and they're doing some great britishindierock. Great guitartunes and choruses. This is one again a band who will make it big, definitely for me!

Alvin Zealot very young and good band from lucerne in switzerland. De Jalouse got this phat guitarriff i don't bring out of my mind.

Then two of the renowned remixer Diplo and Switch band together to produce an album under the name Major Lazer. First leak of the album is this brainfucksong, with this nickers of horses, ringing of phones, this reggaesingin' and this fancy girl voice (which is santigold)!

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson was last year for me one of the greatest singer- & songwriter. With his self titlet debut he fucking overbeared me. And so he does again with his new EP "The Daytrotter"!

Crystal Stilts is an american indie-,postrockband from NYC, which sound for me a bit like Joy Division. The voice of Brad Hargett, the guitar and bass, all sounds a bit like Ian Curtis and his band. But it's good and I recommend everyone they're new album!

The Black Box Revelation got their influence maybe by The Black Motorcycleclub or even bands like Led Zeppelin and The Datsuns, but with their own signature. I very relish their newest album "Set Your Heard On Fire".

Sophia issued a great album which i heard a long time. It's not an album which you're bored to death. It's quite good, pretty lyrics and fresh guitar

Terrific debut from Passion Pit! And a well done remix from the selftitlet creator of disco Calvin Harris.

When I first heard Johnny Flynn at la blogothèque, I was totally flabbergasted. He's doing some great country-, folk-, singer-, and songwriter,-rock, which is fucking great. And thou shalt see his "concert à emporter"!

Wavves is a one-man-noisepop project from San Diegan Nathan Williams. I affect his fancy, noisy, garagerock with great choruses! I also recommend his selftitlet debut album.

And as the last song, I picked Nersissian, a singer-, and songwriter. I know it's a terrible soundquality, and it's not really a demo or even a EP. But as its called, it's just some song sketches. If you want to download the whole thing, go to radiobutt and grabb it!

So it's up to you watch it, check it, grabb it, stream it, like it!

(if you're the band or artist and don't want to be in my mixtape email me makeherwetmixtapes(at)

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