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So, you highkids, here you go, Round #2, the high-exclusiv "smmrmxtape"!

I tried to put all those artist together who are doing a great mixtape for this summer for me and hopefully as well for you!

Here's the playlist:

01 Phoenix - Lisztomania (from the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix)
02 Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy (from the single Into The Galaxy Remixes)
03 Ebony Bones! - The Muzik (from the album Bone Of My Bones)
04 Totom - Freight Train Control (from the mashup Dylan Mashed)
05 BLK JKS - Summertime (from the EP Mystery)
06 The Rakes - Thats The Reason (from the album Klang!)
07 Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart (from the album Dragonslayer)
08 The Dø - On My Shoulders (from the album A mouthful)
09 Crocodiles - Summer of Hate (from the album Summer of Hate)
10 Thee Vicars - Feel So Good (from the EP Holy Twist Records sampler)
11 Scanners - Lowlife (from the album Violence is Golden)
12 Forgein Born - Vacationing People (from the album Person To Person)
13 Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (from the album Only By The Night)
14 Milke - Maybe Im Crazy (from their myspace)
15 Prop Dylan & Logophobia - Can You Imagine Pt 2 (from the EP The Morning After)
16 Bombay Bicycle Club - Evening/Morning (from the album I Had The Blues But I Shook)
17 Deer Tick - Easy (from the album Born On Flag Day)
18 Fruit Bats - My Unusual Friend (from the album The Ruminant Band)
19 The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard (from the album The Seeds)
20 The Morning Benders - caroline, no (Beach Boys Cover) (via hypem)

(for this types who first want to download it, stream is under the text)

This time I want to write about every song a lil' bit different. More in a way in which situation it would be awesomeness if it would somewhere out of nothing play this song and it would comb all this shit you don't need to think about at this time out, so you could just enjoy this moment.

Some situation, in which out of nothing, this song would begin:

Dancing the crap out of you with your friends on a old house by a sunset like in this video to Phoenix's "Lisztomania".

Lying on your back on a big green grassland in a bright night, watching all those stars and closing your eyes by listening to "Into The Galaxy" by Midnight Juggernauts and taking up to the skies!

i'm affect to the cover of the newest EP-cover "Mystery" by BLK JKS. A must have for this summer, not just the cover but also the EP!

And then here it comes this carneval "ADHS-Pop" by Ebony Bones. BOOM! Doing party as long as you can to this song and those others from her Debut "Bone Of My Bones". The revolution is streamed here! This is it. The ultimative discoshit for this summer!

Want to listen to Bob Dylans older songs, in a stranger way?! Grabb the mashup "Dylan Mashed" by Totom for free here. There are some goods so check it! Above all the song "Freight Train Control" with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

One of the Reasons why you should download this smmrmxtape is the song "That's The Reason" from The Rakes. As good as hell!

When I first heard the song "Idiot Heart" from Sunset Rubdown my mind was blowed! First this guitars, afterwards another guitar and then this vocals from Spencer Krug and then this triangel whatever and then the beautiful voice of Camilla Wynn. weeya this song fits in every summer situation!

An older track "On My Shoulder" from last year, i heard all time in radio in France. Then coincidentally they played in Biarritz at Roxy Jam ASP Longboard WCS and the show was storming! So why not again driving with your rented car at the coast of Atlantic or somewhere else and listening to The Dø!

Yiha another guitar based, dark, mystic song from Crocodiles. Stereogum described them as “The Velvet Underground swinging Jesus and Mary Chain.” As well a must have album (Summer Of Hate) for this year by this great rock duo!

Got an old cabriolet at home and listening to old garage, punk bands. Then check out Thee Vicars and grabb your leather jacket, your 80's styled girlfriend/boyfriend, sit in your oldtimercar, drive some rounds and tune in some song from them!

"Lowlife" is a handsome Song from Scanners, I just checked out and enjoyed the last few days!

After a hard day at work do you a favor and listen to "Vacationing People" from Forgein Born to a beer and you'll be again ready. Dreamlike pop with deep thought lyrics in a rare way!

And then this ultimative afterparty song from Kings of Leon "Use Somebody", this last song in the morning before you're going home, and you're givin' again your best and maybe she's with you!

"Maybe I'm Crazy" is this one song, you're hearing in your head when all around is standing still. In the middle of the street, when it feels like someone is comping all shit out of your head with a big scrubber, or when you're in this one and only wave tube, the time is standing still, this calmness is overwhelming you but this song from Milke is playing just in your head!

Oh my Gosh!, this time also a lil' part of hiphop from Sweden more precisely from Prop Dylan. Enjoy this piece of rarity swedens rap.

I'm a big fan of this London Bombay Bicycle Club guys. So imagine, you would wake up with "Evening/Morning", but on your headphones still listening to this song and drivin' to work with your bike and in the evening driving again home by listening still to the song and abandon your day to this song.

Put your western shoes on and grabb your guitar, walk to your next deserted trainstation, climb on a old traincabin and play or at least listen to Deer Tick's new album "Born On Flag Day" and you're getting better!

Fruit Bats, "My Unusual Friend" got something loosy, what beat me! Maybe it's just this riff at the beginning or the soli in the middle but I adore it!

I know The Seeds since Sky Saxon died last week. And when I listened to their self-titlet album I said to me "Gosh darn it, why I didn't know them before!" Hum, but sometimes it's better to know them at least after they die as never!

And therefore, we are at the end! But no summer mixtape act sans a Beach Boys song! I decided me for this Animal Collective kind remix/cover whatever from The Morning Benders! It's queerish on the one way but on the other side it's brilliant!

Now it's again up to you and I say: watch it, check it, grabb it, stream it, like it!

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