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I'm Back and I'll bring you a new fresh mixtape about what you shouldn't miss in 2010!

So, I compiled a mix out of Bands who'll publish a new album in 2k10 and which you should better not miss! There are a few Bands who have already published their new album this January or earlier.

I'd better don't talk too much, here's the playlist!

01 Manchester Orchestra - I Can Barely Breathe (from the album I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child)
02 Hot Chip - Hand Me Down Your Love (from the album One Live Stand)
03 Surfer Blood - Swim (to reach the end) (from the album Astrocoast)
04 The Swiss - Bubble Bath (from the EP Bubble Bath)
05 Airship - Kids (from the EP)
06 Stereophonics - Innocent (from the album Keep Calm And Carry On)
07 Vampire Weekend - Cousins (from the album Contra)
08 Laura Veirs - July Flame (from the album July Flame)
09 Chapel Club - All The Eastern Girls (from the NMEMIX)
10 Spoon - Got Nuffin (from the album Transference)
11 Eels - Little Bird (from the album End Times)
12 Titus Andronicus - My Time Outside The Womb (from the album The Airing Of Grievances)
13 These New Puritans - Drum Courts-Where Corals Lie (from the album Hidden)
14 Volcano Choir- Island, IS (from the album Unmap)
15 The Beatles - Saturday Night (from the album Everyday Chemistry)
16 Get Well Soon - Angry Young Man (from the album Vexations)
17 Liars - Scissor (from the album sisterworld)
18 Adam Green - What Makes Him Act So Bad 1 (from the album Minor Love)
19 DJ Zebra - We Got The Soukouss (BEASTIE BOYS VS KANDA BONGO MAN) (Zebra version)
20 The Kleptones - Voodoo Sabotage (from the album Uptime/Downtime)

I fucking like the refrain of "I Can Barely Breathe" and those soft parts through the song. Maybe you recognized that this song is from their first album which was released in 2006, but I thought they will go big this year so I poped it on this mixtape! Also "Island, Is" from Volcano Choir was released last year but it fits perfect in this mix.

I'm a fan of Hot Chip since their last album "Made In The Dark" but their new album which will be released in February blown me away! So many good songs you shouldn't miss!

First heard a song of Surfer Blood on this NME Radar Mix 2010. Afterwards I catched their new album which has some awesome songs. All this absorbed guitartunes and those easy melodies sound ace! Definitely, a band you should watch out this year!

You should also watch out for The Swiss. A young Electronic Esemble from Australia, with this immense potential for ear-worms! "This is what the real disco should sound like!"

Another Band you shouldn't miss is Airship. A young band from Manchester, who you could compare with bands like Bombay Bicycle Club or Flashguns.

are back with this super-b album called "Keep Calm & Carry On". Like the melody of this song.

This Jungle-Indie-Hipsters Vampire Weekend are also back with their new album "Contra" which is on sale right now! So grabb your shoes and catch you one of these awesome pieces! Also check out their clip to this song!

I putted also some soft songs on it like one of the new Eels songs, which are amazing like everytime and a song of Laura Veirs a new shooting star in the indie, singer- & songwriter heaven.

Chapel Club is another band i discovered through the NME-Mixtape and they got a big potential to hit it big this year. They sound a bit like The Editors or Interpol for me, which are great bands as well!

Don't want to talk too much about Spoon, just sayin' their brillant! Here you can stream their new album!

You can also listen to the new Eels album here, Vampire Weekends "Contra" here, the weird These New Puritans Hipster album here (the drums in "Drum Courts-Where Corals Lie" are grandiose!) and Get Well Soon's amazing album here.

This mythic sound of the Liars got something fascinating that won't let you turn it off. And their new Longplayer "Sisterworld" is marvelous!

When I first read the story about a Beatles Album which was never released in our world I thought wtf?! Then I read the story on this site and was so amused that I downloaded the album over there. Grabb you a ear of this weird songs which were compiled by The Beatles in an other dimension. (German article on my other blog Turnin'Wrong)

Here are my last lines about The Kleptones new mix, you can download here. It's the first album which was released in 2010 on New Year Eve! For me, they're still the "Kings of Bootiemixes" and with this Voodoo Sabotage mash-up, mashed out of The Prodigy and The Beastie Boys they will forever be on my personal popstars killers toplist!

Now it's up to you! You want to know what you better shouldn't miss this year?!, so dwnload this mixtape or leave it.

And don't forget to support all those great artist or at least this bands you like and buy their new albums or go to shows!

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