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It's summertime and this means it's time for another smmrmixtape!

This mixtape is about surfing. It's about the feeling when you're out there at the point-break, alone, waiting for the perfect wave, paddling, watching how they're coming, paddling more, standing up & enjoying the moment!

This mix is not like the "classic surfmusic" you expect, it's more a newer art of surfmusic i'd tried to compile. There are a few genres which I think can represent this new surfmusic, like lo-fi, psychedelic, and this new hype-genre "chill-wave". But there are also some songs which are just about the theme surfing and don't have something similar with this genres.

So no Beach Boys, Hawaiian Music or sound like that (except for the last track), more fresh, good surftunes! Just let the magic of this "new" surfmusic touch you!

01 Uzi & Ari - Mountain/Molehill
02 Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis - Dive
03 Surf Punks - Locals Only
04 Air - Surfing On A Rocket (Joakim To The Smiling Sun Remix)
05 Surfer Blood - Neighbour Riffs
06 The Drums- Let's Go Surfing
07 The Go-Betweens - Surfing Magazines
08 Coconut Records - West Coast
09 Surf City - Headin' Inside
10 The Crafmen Club - To The Surface
11 The Drums - Submarine
12 Toro Y Moi - 109
13 Surf City - Records of a Flagpole Skater
14 Wavves - Surf Goths
15 Superchunk - Learned to Surf (Acoustic Demo)
16 Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss
17 BLK JKS - Paradise
18 Astrolabe - Atlantic Surf
19 Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel
20 Neon Indian - Deatbeat Summer
21 The Tornadoes - Bustin'Surfboards

heard some of you had some problems with the dwnload link here's an alt. link on mediafire

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